Event: Employer Branding Conference - Most Wanted 2020

Our team from Bulwork is happy to announce that we’ll be attending the conference Employer Branding Most Wanted.


The Employer Branding Most Wanted Conference is the ninth of a series of employer branding events organized by To The Top Agency. This year’s event will bring the most popular global brands’ experience together with over 300 attendees from all over Europe.


The speakers will be the leaders of successful and well-known global companies such as Marije van der Togt, who is an EMEA Employer brand lead at Philips, Dieuwke van der Wal -Benelux Solutions Lead в LinkedIn, Modiara Kamps – EU marketing associate talent attraction & employer branding in Amazon and many more.


Some of the topics of the lectures will be:

  • Steps to creating a successful strategy
  • What attracts and retains employees of the company?
  • Good practice benchmarking and how do we stand out from our competitors?
  • How to find out which is the key to the candidates for our company?
  • How do we build a strong bond between people and the brand?
  • How to make brand messages appealing?
  • Effective channels for employer brand communication in 2020
  • Examples of using social networks to attract and retain employees
  • And others


This event is suitable for:

  • CEO and senior management of all departments within the company
  • All members of the HR team
  • Selection experts
  • Managers and business owners


Due to Covid-19 the conference Employer Branding Most Wanted 2020 organizators had to postpone the event date to 7 October 2020 and it will be online.

If you are interested in the event, want to learn more about the speakers, the program or the tickets, you can visit the conference website: tothetopinternational.com/employer-branding-most-wanted

We personally cannot wait for the conference and are hoping to see you there, despite it being online!


You can find the link for the event below: