Job Platform - Match Careers

We would like to introduce to you the new and innovative Career Opportunities Platform - Match Careers. Where employers and candidates are contacted directly so that they can quickly and easily connect and start working together. The platform is relatively early in its potential but is evolving very quickly, already having a solid base of registered candidates and several Premium clients.

The platform is absolutely free for applicants and will allow many people from different business sectors to find better job and development opportunities. They will be able to connect with new employers and write directly to the private chat platform. That's what sets this one apart from other platforms, how easily and quickly everything will happen.

Companies will also be able to take advantage of the platform's services by registering and selecting the right package for them. Prices can be viewed here:
In the beginning, when a company creates an account, they are entitled to a free ad to see how the site works and whether it matches their business and search.

You can view more at:
If you have more questions you can use directly the Livechat on the platform or email: