Do you have new ideas in the workplace?

Writen by: 
Ivelina Petrova

After working for a while in a company and getting to know the processes, goals, culture and other specifics, we may have different ideas. These can be related to business process improvement, customer communication, existing or entirely new products and services, and various innovations such as podcasting, social activity, and more.

We can only leave our ideas for us and complain of cumbersome procedures and heavy bureaucracy, but that would hardly bring about a change in our workplace. We have a choice whether to leave our ideas unspoken or to breathe life into the organization.

If we are the people who want to add value beyond our standard obligations - it is time to act :)

It is good to think carefully about the issue - does it solve a problem, what benefits it has, what risks it has, what resources we need (time, energy, people and last but not least financial resources) and how much this idea coincides with the goals, values and the culture of the company we are currently working on. We can discuss it with colleagues and friends, because any different point of view, questions and constructive criticism can be very useful for us to build on and develop our concept.It is important to consider and clarify our initiative in detail so that we can present it in a very short and clear manner. Here are some questions whose answers would have prepared us to present our idea:

1. What problem does our idea / what improves our idea?

2. What risks hides?

3. What resources are needed to realize the idea?

4. Does this idea coincide with corporate values, goals and organizational culture?

5. What is the deadline?

6. What are our goals? When setting goals, it is good to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

7. Who are the stakeholders / Target group?

8. Who will participate in its realization?

 The next question that comes to our minds is "To whom can I take my idea?". It is important for our idea to be attributed to the person on whom his or her realization depends or his authorized representative. These are the people on whom the realization of our idea depends, and we need to discuss what benefits it will bring to the company, and to what extent it can be realized.

With any initiative we offer, it is good to be fully prepared to participate actively in the planning, organization, implementation and reporting of the results. The emergence of an idea is the first step. Every idea has a long way to go before we realize it.

We hesitate whether our idea will be accepted or rejected?

It is good to be prepared that not for every idea has come the moment to be realized, but it will be useful to share and discuss it as it can generate valuable discussions and other ideas for development in the team and the company.

Do not give up any seemingly strange idea, consider it well and at least try. Even if it is rejected or unsuccessful, it will take you out of your comfort zone and bring you new knowledge and skills!


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