How is the most inappropriate candidate on the CV the best choice?

Writen by: 
Rosica Zhelyazkova

As a recruitment specialist, I am increasingly convinced that intellect is not always a driving force in seeking a new job. I do not say in any case that it is not important, on the contrary, the intelligence does matter. Some are gifted with more intelligence and some things are attributed to them more than others.

I watch more and more intelligent and even ingenious professionals - have difficulty in finding a new job. Whether this is due to the market or is the result of the motivation and presentation of the candidate during his job interview or simply by the lack of sufficient skills to fulfill the job obligations of the particular position offered by the company? On the other hand, it may be a bad day when everything goes up and nothing is right, and luck is gone.

I recently witnessed two candidates fighting for a vacant position and they were equally suited to the company's requirements: the first outstanding professional with many years of experience. Burned and boiled in sales - meeting the company's requirements almost a hundred percent, with recommendations from a former employer for good service.Considering himself "God" in the sphere in which he works, wanting to change his job, just because he has nothing new to learn. The other, with a similar experience, but to meet the requirements of seventy percent of the position's profile, full of energy, craving for new knowledge and wanting to conquer new peaks. Looking for new challenges and believing that there is still much to be learned on a professional basis.

And now the question arises - who has both won the post? You'll probably guess the first one with the most experience and having something to give the company, hmm, I also bet on it, but wrapped up the position of the more inexperienced and enthusiastic candidate. Very often people with a more modest experience, but with a desire to work, overtake their most experienced colleagues.

More and more people have difficulty expressing themselves, namely what they want from the particular job position, what they expect and what they have. I want a job that brings me income, but what exactly will I do, and I really want to do it - remains unanswered.

Because no one wants to work and be surrounded by people without desire and living without dreams, goals and not knowing where they go and where they want to go.

Enthusiasm is the key to success or to be one and / or a few steps ahead of others. I believe that every real professional should work with confident and hurried colleagues who, even in the gloomy, rainy Monday - struggling to be inspired to continue to fight for the goal he has set himself.

I hope more and more leaders realize that not always the experience is decisive for how successful you are, at first glance, the most inappropriate candidate for CV is the best choice for the company.



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