Is it enough the good technical and practical preparation for a career in the IT sector?

Writen by: 
Svetlana Gornakova

Attractive pay, an innovative office environment, "out of the box" employers - these are some of the fascinating features of IT industry jobs.

Many people are attracted to high-paying positions in the IT field, but will the career that offers the sphere in the long term will satisfy them? What qualities should an IT specialist possess in order to build a truly successful IT career and rise into the hierarchy of a company?

The IT industry is growing faster than all others. Years ago, the chairman of the Association of Software Engineers said in an interview that knowledge in the field is being updated every two and a half years. Whether you are studying an IT specialty at the university or you are not satisfied with your current work, you decide to take a new step in your life and do an online or evening classes, you need to know that the IT area is for constantly learning and developing people.

For other sectors, it is normal for employees to change their jobs every 5 to 7 years. In the IT sector, many opportunities and the evolving environment prompt professionals to look for growth much earlier. If they fail to get it, however, they are looking for a new start in another company. That is how the lack of career development is one of the main reasons for turnover in IT companies.

Another reason people in the IT field change their job is their direct manager, team leader or manager. The shortage of IT specialists pushes employers to raise their employees too early without acquiring the necessary soft skills. This creates a closed circle - to keep its employees or lack of other staff, companies promote employees who are well technically trained but have not developed the ancillary skills that will help them manage the members of their teams. The team members feel the consequences of a lack of soft skills with their supervisor and are looking for a realization in other companies.

Soft skills are essential for career development in every area of the labor market. They should not be underestimated and left behind but developed in parallel with technical skills. Along with good training, practice and continued interest in novelties in information technology, an ambitious IT specialist must develop his teamwork skills, leadership, social and emotional intelligence. 

Analytical thinking and the mathematical mind are prerequisites for you to be interested in IT science and even have a good start in the industry and become a specialist. But to develop your career, you need to develop your skills as a leader.