Writen by: 
Nina Shtereva

When we start looking for a new job, our focus is more on the CV preparation, how to get a good job interview, what to wear during the interview, etc., and less often about references that we can provide to our future employer. 

The fact is that no matter how impressive is your CV or how brilliant you have been on the interview, the references you provide as they can help you, they can negatively affect to the successful start of a new job. This is the reason, why is so important to be in a good relationship with your direct supervisors, colleagues, clients with whom you work or worked earlier, because when you are looking for a new job, you can count on recommendations from them.

From whom to ask for recommendations?

 Whether it's written recommendations or contacts that you will provide for direct communication, you should know that it is best to have a variety of options (the more and different people they are, the better) - eg. from current / former colleagues, managers, clients, etc. The communication and information provided by them will create a clearer and fuller picture of you as an employee and will clearly show the interviewee details about your experience and profile and how you communicate with different levels / teams of the company.

When is it good to get recommendations - before or when you start looking for a new job?

Everyone makes their own decisions, but at best it is advisable to be prepared as early as possible, even before starting the application process.In this case, you can safely contact the people you plan to ask for recommendations, and it is important to communicate with them the following:

- Tell them why you are addressing them precisely and why their feedback will be important to you? Show them why they and their opinions are valuable to you!

- Explain to them that you plan to start looking for a new job soon, or you may have started looking for a new job

- Check whether they agree to provide their referral contacts or whether they are ready to prepare a written recommendation if there is a mandatory requirement for such a format on the part of the company you are applying for (of course, if you have not started the active look for a job, make sure that something is not immediately urgent and will only be contacted at the beginning of the process).

- It is important to specify how they prefer to make recommendations for you (written, orally by phone, using a special template for collecting feedback, other).

- If the person agrees to assist you and provide you with referrals, get the most up-to-date information you need in the near future (such as phone, email, other contacts).

IMPORTANT - Look for references in previous businesses where you worked if you have not yet officially shared your plans with your current employer.

How many recommendations do you need?


Usually, employers would ask 2-3 recommendations. These recommendations should clearly highlight your skills, knowledge, experience, and job search.

With the development of technologies and social platforms, however, in recent years, employers have also trusted LinkedIn's recommendations contained in your account and would easily find you without your intervention (as long as you have a platform profile). The recommendations in the LinkedIn account will also further enhance your application and will notice you more times. Does your LinkedIn account contain references?

What are they most often trying to gather interviewers on the basis of the recommendations?

1. information about the applicant's obligations and how he has dealed with them.
2. Position / positions he held in the company
3. Possible reasons for leaving
4. Skills, strengths and weaknesses, and how he has entered the team
5. Achievements

And in the end, do not forget to thank the people who have given or are ready to give you a recommendation even if they were not contacted by the potential employer ... and of course be prepared to recommend a colleague / if he asks you about it. Be sure to return the gesture and help the process of finding a new job.

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