Simple steps on "How to Analyze IT Job Description"

Writen by: 
Gergana Pancheva

The Job Description is here to provide you the information for the main duties and responsibilities of the role for which you are applying.

A job description is the first and most important part of the job application process as, with the right information, it must help you determine whether or not the role is answering your skillset and whether it is something you actually want to do.

From the organisation’s perspective, the job description is in use to ensure that the applications received for the position are a closely match to the company's needs. It helps HR departments and external recruiters to optimize the selection process and determine the right candidate's application that fits the company's requirements and is suitable for interview or further selection.

In this article you are going to find out what is the most important information you should look for in the Job Description in order to seeing the full picture of what your next job would look like.

1. Project

The first thing you should know is: "What actually will I, as an IT professional, work on?"

Search for information about the project and what exactly you are going to be working on. Is it software which you are going to develop from scratch or you are going to do maintenance to an already existing one? The so called JD is going to help you figure all that out.

2. Programming languages

Second, you should look for information about: "What programming language do I need to know for this position?"

3. Frameworks

Next, inform yourself of the framework you are supposed to have experience with. As you know, each programming language comes with different frameworks, some of which are more popular than others.

(For example if you are going to apply for Web developer, most probably you will program on PHP. The most popular PHP frameworks are Symphony and Larvel.)

4. Technical stack

What else do you need to know about the technical stack? What technologies is the project based on? Which technology is the company’s main focus?

The answers to all of this are listed in the job description.

5. Team

Find some more information about the team you are going to join. How many people does it include? Are they more mid or senior level?

This might be important information especially for a senior IT specialist.

6. Bonus!

Last but not least, you should recognize what exactly is making this opportunity unique for you? What is the thing that gets you excited about it and makes you want to apply for it?

This could be your little checklist for taking the right direction when you are crowded with job opportunities!