What is and what is NOT motivation Short brief about labor motivation

Writen by: 
Kaloyan Kyurkchiyski

Motivation is key to managing human resources in an organization, but in this line of thoughts - like the behavior of the basic, human factor, motivation is also a major factor in each way of management.

However, as a starting point, let us note that motivation is an objective process, and motivation is a managerial impact on motivation. In order to better understand what motivates people, we will also look at the basic patterns that show what motivates workers.

According to the economic model, people are motivated above all by monetary rewards. Money, including in the form of wages, is an extremely important social phenomenon. That is, under certain conditions and in some of their dimensions, they have a connection with satisfaction, but they are NOT a real motivator (hate to break it to you).

The model of social human relations considers the social needs of people as a primary motivating factor. Тhe desire to belong to a group or social system is seen as the main motivator of the people to work. Accordingly, the representatives of this concept believe that labor productivity is directly related to job satisfaction and the employee's performance is higher if he likes his colleagues and has good leaders. Unfortunately, having "cool colleagues and superiors" is not enough.

A third known model is that of self-renewal - people are motivated by a variety of diverse needs. From the point of view of long-term motivation, these are the higher needs for self-realization and growth. The sense of self-realization is indeed among the key motivational factors, but it is not the only one and not necessarily the most important.

Virtually all of these models are not entirely wrong. As we often notice - the set of several models gives the overall picture. Similarly, each of the models examined here contributes one way or another to understanding our motivation to work. The only drawback of all of them is that they are prone to over-simplification and one-sidedness. Let us, therefore, remember that motivation is a complex process, first, because the human psyche is complex and people have a set of needs and expectations; second because working conditions in the broad sense are different and influence different motivation; and third because man and the environment are constantly changing.

And what motivates you the most?


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