What is progressive web apps?

Writen by: 
Gloria Genova

In 2018, Microsoft began distributing a new type of applications that are available to Windows 10 computers. These are Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and are versions of Web sites that can be opened even without an Internet connection. Apps not only play page content but also Push Notifications on the device home screen.

PWAs are stored on Microsoft servers and are automatically updated by the company. This type of application is based on state-of-the-art web technologies and features maximum quality that is commensurate with that of Universal Windows Apps (UWA).

The basic idea is for websites to look and function more like mobile applications for Windows 10 computers. Microsoft is also ready with a developer tool to make it easier to work with PWA on other platforms like macOS and Linux.
They can work with Cordova to make the most of all users. Progressive web apps (PWAs) are web applications that use modern web capabilities to provide users with an enhanced version of applications. They must meet certain requirements placed on servers accessible via URLs and indexed by the search engines.

To make it progressive, the web app should:

Works for every user, regardless of the choice of browser, because it is built with progressive improvement as a basic principle;

Suitable for any form factor, desktop, mobile phone or tablet;

Be independent of the connection - to be used offline or on poor quality networks;

Apps similar to apps - uses the application's app shell to provide navigation and interactions;

Be always up to date, thanks to the renovation process;

Safe - Serves through HTTPS to prevent eavesdropping and ensure that content has not been tampered with;

Detectable - can be defined as "application" and search engines recognize them;
Easily share it with URL and not require a complicated installation.

PWAs are much more effective for both regular users and developers. Innovative applications are much more flexible than web applications, web sites, mobile applications, or desktop applications.

Companies such as Forbes, Starbucks, Twitter, Burger King, Home Depot, and NASA are already using PWA. The reason for the success of PWAs is that they are innovative, they are an innovation in the use of applications and can meet all user requirements. Customers are happy with the product, and most users are now replacing desktop websites and applications with PWAs.

Did you start using them?

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