What is recruitment and when do we include the real job selection?

Writen by: 
Ina Ribareva

Very often, when IT professionals hear the word recruiter, they decide that they will be drowned for another open position by another recruiting agency or firm. Has recruitment turned into a "bad word" and lost the real selection of professionals?

Every recruiter has been getting a bad attitude from the IT specialists who have offered him another job opportunity. But it does not have to feed the bad name of the profession and the disrespectful attitude towards the people who have decided to practice it.One of the main reasons people choose the HR sphere is communication with people, meetings and challenges to show personal attitude to every person you work with. We should not look at people as a number of candidates to contact to meet certain targets.

Recruitment and selection are the two phases of the work process that are interrelated but also quite different from each other. Here are some differences between them:

1. Recruitment is a process of seeking jobseekers and encouraging them to apply for a job in a particular organization. The selection itself includes a series of steps to select the most appropriate individuals to offer specific posts.

2. The main purpose of recruiting staff is to attract the most suitable candidates for the particular organization. And the main goal of the process is to select the most appropriate people in this group to fill the different positions in the organization.

3. Recruitment is a positive process, ie. encourages more and more employees to apply, but gives a negative touch to the selection, as it includes the rejection of inappropriate candidates.

4. Recruitment is related to seeking the best qualities in the right candidates. During the selection, they are tested through various interviews and tests, which may lead to their dropping out of the process.



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