What will the world of Cybersecurity look like in 2019

Writen by: 
Ivan Cholakov

In 2018 once again, the biggest, most trusted brands suffered costly and damaging data breaches. Victims included Amazon and Facebook, Macy’s and Kmart, , Aidas, Under Armour and Delta Airlines.

With digital technology wherever we look and the explosion of the internet of things (IoT), the possibilities of cyber-mayhem are limitless. In 2019, cybersecurity concerns will be a major topic in the boardroom and executive offices of every significant enterprise. Major data breaches suffered by leading firms across industries has struck fear into CEOs and other officers and board members that their company could be next.

As the damages from breaches continue to become more evident — a lower bottom line, a plunging stock price, a tainted brand — responsibility for cybersecurity failures will go beyond the CIO’s and CISO’s oversight of the IT department and directly to the CEO’s office door. Many board discussions will revolve around mitigating cyber risks and how they can improve their organization’s security posture.

Cybercriminals are equal-opportunity attackers. While breaches within huge corporations like Target and Equifax consume the headlines, businesses of every size are under attack, especially in industries like healthcare, law and finance which, by trade, store and manage vast amounts of sensitive data. In 2019, smaller firms will enlist the same cybersecurity approaches that large enterprises use. This means leveraging the benefits of a robust security operations center.

In the end, hackers today are developing more sophisticated attacks than ever before and 2019 will pit many ongoing battles. The good news is that companies today recognize the threats they face and are increasingly discovering new ways to better protect themselves.

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