Why do IT specialists change their workplace so often?

Writen by: 
Damyana Georgieva

It is no secret that the IT industry is one of the fastest growing in Bulgaria. More and more foreign companies are moving their entire development teams in Sofia, while only sales departments are located in the US, Canada, Great Britain, Germany and others. The reasons for this are many and varied, but more important is their effect on the labor market in Bulgaria.The large number of open positions in software companies increases the demand for IT specialists, and if job opportunities seem to be endless, then the number of experienced programmers is far more limited. Despite the wide range of social benefits and all the advantages that companies offer, IT specialists tend to change workplace relatively often.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Most software engineers receive several job offers each day. It is enough that only one of these proposals is attractive and served at the right time to cause a company to lose a valuable employee and another to get strong support for its project. In such cases, the fault is neither in the company nor in the team, but rather a series of small situations that lead to tension, stress and lack of motivation. In these situation the best thing for everyone is to observe the notice period and leave your working place with good recommendations.

2. Changing the workplace is usually also associated with higher wages. In order to attract specialists, companies offer potential new employees higher wages than their current ones. Most often, staying in the same position means raising the annual salary by an average of 2% -5% ,while switching companies may increase wages by 10% -50% (according to Forbes *) Certainly there are exceptions, but often the practice is such. In this line of thoughts - changing the workplace seems like a logical alternative.

3. Once you go freelance, you never look back!
For us, the IT recruiters, freelance programmers are just like Atlantis - a whole civilization, sunk somewhere deep into private projects, hourly pay, and endless home office. We all know about them and the wonders they create, but few have come back to tell (and seek a permanent job).

4. "I'm looking for a company where I can develop myself ." This is the answer I often get from candidates when I'm asking why they are changing their job. Here is the place to point out that "development" is a very common concept and everybody puts a different meaning in it, which is important to clarify at the very beginning of job search. For some development means internal training, for others - the opportunity to become team leaders, managers and so on. The last one for example, can not take place in companies with the so-called flat structure.

5. Red. More Red. Most red. 
The ability to discern colors has evolved partly because of the need to judge which fruits are ripe and which are not. Consumption of ripe fruit causes a series of positive reactions in our body and so over time we have begun to perceive the red color as ever-brighter. We notice it more easily than others, and we tend to look for it among others. It isquite natural to look around for new and new opportunities for development, as well as to keep an eye on the market and the industry we are working in. Before we go to the next new position, maybe we have to decide how much more in red we want to see and can we make it ?

What makes your company the best place for your skills and talents?

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