What company do you prefer to work for?

Writen by: 
Reni Mileva

"What company do you prefer to work for - a Bulgarian company, a foreign company with an office in Bulgaria or a foreign company without offices in the country, where the only opportunity to work is entirely remote?"
This is a question that is rarely asked of candidates, but its answer is essential for them and could give the interviewer important guidance on the character and preferences of the person in front of them.

In this post, we will introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages that each of the listed opportunities provides so that you can more easily make your career choice.

Work in a Bulgarian company

Working in a Bulgarian company offers many advantages.
First and foremost, of course, is the fact that you can speak your mother tongue, which gives you a freedom we rarely realize.
In addition to the lack of a language barrier, you have the opportunity to communicate with people who share your culture and national values, which in turn helps you to quickly adjust to your colleagues and even become friends.
You have a wider field of expression and you can communicate freely with managers - the people on whom your position and salary depend.
Very often with these companies, however, the organization is not at a high level. This "working chaos" can be effective for a while, but if it lasts longer, it can lead to more stress, tension and even conflict. Also, it is typical for Bulgarian companies to sometimes rely on personal relationships boss - subordinate, not so much on professional - when an employee expects a higher salary, or decides to leave the organization, this is considered personal betrayal of managers. Also, due to the fact that Bulgarian companies are competing with a lot of foreign ones for new projects and orders, trying to be competitive with prices, the salaries of employees are usually lower than the next companies we will look at. On the other hand, Bulgarian companies will always operate on the local market, i.e. there is a great deal of security for your workplace.

Work in a foreign company with an office in Bulgaria

Working in a foreign company with an office in Bulgaria has a lot of positives.
Most of your colleagues are Bulgarians, which means that you can communicate without a language barrier, and in the performance of work in most cases the processes are very well organized, which gives a sense of security and a certain amount of calmness. Salaries are higher than those in Bulgarian companies, and bonuses, team buildings and social benefits are also not to be underestimated. Here you have the opportunity to see different ways of working and to communicate with people of different nationalities, who will not only introduce you to their culture, but will also teach you international practices that you will not be able to touch in your homeland company. This is a definite plus, but it also has its disadvantage, because many times different work cultures can lead to conflicts or difficult communication with colleagues who are not from your home country or nationality.
The organization here is at a high level, but this creates a certain sense of sterility. Here, no matter how good you are, you should always know that you can be replaced, and this certainly adds a dose of stress. On the other hand, if the company decides to close its office in the country, it happens quite quickly and you can stay on the street the next day without a job.

Work in a foreign company without an office in Bulgaria

Working in a foreign company, completely remote from Bulgaria - Isn't this the dream of every candidate - a salary that is 3-4 times above the average for the same position in Bulgaria, a high level organization and the opportunity to communicate with different people, expanding your worldview?
Everything sounds great, until the moment when a "BUT" comes.
You have to communicate with people who have radically different cultures and values ​​from you, you can't use your mother tongue, even when talking to a colleague about things outside of your work duties, and the fact that you may never see your colleagues , even in team buildings, is not to be underestimated. Also, working in this type of company means that you can always be replaced by someone better or one with lower pay expectations.

As you can see, each type of work has its pros and cons and no option is better than the other. The secret is to find out which one works best for you and what you are willing to compromise on to get what you really need.

So, what company do YOU prefer to work for?