How to write an impressive CV

Writen by: 
Nastasya Gaydarska

We have all "met" at least once with the stress of applying for a new job. Today we are facing offers from hundreds of companies, the competition in the market does not stop growing, and we are left to wonder exactly how to stand out from everyone else.

Here our CV and how it is presented plays a big role.

In this article, we at Bulwork, will give you some tips on how to write a successful CV that will impress.

Let's start with the form. There are currently many free templates available on the Internet to choose from. It is important to choose something interesting, but still good-looking, to grab the attention of people who view the CVs.
Another important thing is to have our contacts at the top, through which the interviewers can contact us for approval, as well as a link to our LinkedIn account, if we have one.

Many people wonder if there should be a personal photo in the CV. It is now accepted that this is not a mandatory element, but sometimes it is nice to have one.

Our names can be written in larger letters, and under the names should be the position we occupy. Below them, centered, should be a summarize of our experience and motivation for development.

Our professional experience is the next thing that follows. It is good to list at least the last 4 jobs, including, in capital letters, the position we have occupied, below the employer and duration. It is crucial that these positions that we list are relevant to the one for which we are applying.
It is important to describe in 2-3 sentences or with a few dashes the functions of each of the positions we have occupied. This way, people who look at our CV will have an idea of ​​what exactly we have done and how we have developed during the period spent in a given position.

Once we have finished our work experience, it is time to list our education. We only need to include our higher education and if we have a master's degree, as well as dates of completion of our education. Here we can also add certificates and courses, which are again related to the position for which we are applying. It is not necessary to list our secondary and primary education.

It's time for the next step, where we can use dashes or bullets to list the technologies and soft skills we have. If we are applying for an IT position, a big plus is to emphasize the technologies that are sought after by the job description we are applying for, as unnecessary ones do not interest the people who review the CV and conduct the interviews.

And lastly, we should list our languages. Here, we enter each language we speak and the level of proficiency. If we have certificates for a course in a given language - we can also list it here.

We will now look at some of the most common mistakes people make when writing a CV.

Firstly, if we are going to upload a photo, it should not be a selfie or look unprofessional, with low quality. If we want to use one of our photos, it must be on a white or other monochrome background and be taken by a photographer or a friend. It is recommended that the photo is of good quality and does not spoil the overall design of our resume.

When visually formatting the CV, we should not use different text formats, colored letters, etc. This does not look professional. We must try to format everything in one style, so that the main things stand out at first glance. A good looking CV will grab the reader's attention immediately and make a good first impression, and as we know this is always important in a new acquaintance.

Next, when describing our functions in the various positions we have occupied, we must use only the most basic things. Too much information becomes redundant and oversaturated and can often be rejected. We should include only what our future employer wants to read and what interests him. REMEMBER: Short, clear and only the most important information.

We are now ready to write our CV in the best and most impressive way.
It is important to remember that everything should look good and tidy, be easy to read and with short but accurate and important information that will be useful to those looking at your resume.

Following these principles, we are sure that you will succeed!

So what are you waiting for, send us your new and improved CV to and let's start your career development!