What do we need to know about recruitment agencies?

Writen by: 
Nastasya Gaydarska

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find experienced staff in the IT industry. In addition to their own channels, tеch companies rely on the help of recruitment agencies. And here come the questions: What exactly are these agencies? What are their functions? How do they help the candidates themselves? Etc. So let’s dive in and answer all these questions.

What are recruitment agencies?

These Agencies act as an intermediary between employers and employees, with the aim of identifying and finding the candidates sought by an employer, thus facilitating the selection process. They offer talent search for both internships and leadership roles.

Why work with recruitment agencies?

There are many reasons that we can list here, but in one sentence, we will summarize that the so-called Recruitment Agencies are of the greatest benefit to job seekers.

And why is that so?

When you get in touch with them and more specifically with a certain recruiter, you can talk about your experience, your expectations about work environment preferences, cultural policy, financial expectations, discuss exactly what you want from your next employer, which saves you time. According to your requirements and expectations, the recruiter you work with will filter the positions and offer you only those that meet your expectations.

Reasons that prove that working with a recruiter will give a better result in finding the best job for you:

- Recruiters save time: Here we are talking about clarifying what exactly you want and are looking for in order to avoid wasting time with employers who will not meet your requirements.

- The services are free: All you need to do is send your current CV and share your preferences. Everything else will be done for you by the recruiters from the selected Agency, without having to pay a penny. Their reward is your satisfaction.

- They help you throughout the process: From providing you with opportunities that meet your experience and expectations, through preparing for an interview with valuable advice and guidance, to the job offer from an employer, recruitment agencies will be by your side, guiding you.

- They are your direct connection with the hiring managers in the companies: Recruiters know well the employers who present to you and have direct contact with them. They know every trick and can give you useful tips to stand out in front of a certain company.

- You remain in the database: Even if you have not received an offer from the employer with whom you have gone through a process, or simply had to stop looking for a job, you remain in the database for career development. Most of the candidates continue to keep in touch with the recruiter they have worked with and keep them informed about the latest changes in their professional development. When an opportunity arises that the recruiter knows will be of interest to you, he or she will immediately contact you to notify you.

Well, we have already looked at the most important things when working with recruitment agencies. As mentioned, the Agency works only for your benefit and strives to provide you with opportunities that match your expectations. Candidates' satisfaction always sits on a pedestal!

After everything said.. What will your next step be when looking for a new job? Will you trust a Recruitment Agency?