10 must-dos during a job interview – for candidates

Writen by: 
Nevena Venkova

Looking for a job and going to interviews is always a hard and stressful process. In this post you will find 10 things you must absolutely do during an interview in order to nail your dream job! Keep reading to learn how to master the process and get better offers.

1. Always look your best

Yes, this one may be obvious but some people still go to interviews wearing sloppy clothes and not caring how their hair looks. Your appearance sells you, it's the first thing a person sees in you so the first impression is based on how you look, not how smart you are. So take the time to pick the right outfit next time you're invited to a job interview.

2. Be polite

Don't ever be rude to the person in front of you because this can affect the final decision if you get an offer or not. Yes, you may be checking the market right now and don't need a new job ASAP but this can change in a blink of an eye so always behave well.

3. Know your resume

This means that you have to be ready to answer questions based on the skills you've already written in your CV, so be prepared.

4. Manage your time

The ideal timing is to be at least 10 minutes early for an interview. Now that interviews are online, that's not necessary but if you have to do the meeting at the company's office you have to keep in mind the traffic and other unexpected circumstances so it’s better to leave early. Your next job may depend on it.

5. Know the company you're being interviewed for

Companies often ask candidates what they have heard of them, so your answer cannot be "nothing". Open their website before your meeting and learn their history - when was the company started, what they do and how they are different from their competitors. Bonus points if you know about the company’s values and goals. This can be very helpful for the next tip.

6.Always ask questions

When the interview is almost over, the HR is going to ask if you have any questions. That's the moment to shine! You can ask "What's the team like?" or "Can you describe a working day in this position?” This shows you're really interested in the opportunity to work for the company.

7. Always speak nice about your last company

This is a tricky one. When the interviewer asks you "Why did you quit your last job?” , you should refrain from saying anything negative about your last employer. The best thing you can do is focus on your own features, saying that you always strive for developing your own skills and feel the need to work for a company in which you can grow and contribute to their success.

8. Sit still and be calm

Put your hands away from your face and look the person in front of you in the eyes during your meeting. Looking around and jumping nervously on your chair can show that you're worried or can make you look like you're hiding something. Confidence always looks good so keep that in mind.

9. Ask what the next step is

When you're finishing the interview, ask the person what's the next step and when can you expect feedback from them. This means you are engaged with the process and are serious about your application for the job.

10. Thank the person

Not everybody who sends their CV gets to have an interview so you have to thank the HR for the opportunity, even if you don't get the job. Remember that recruiters don't decide if you get the job but they give you the chance to prove yourself to the person who does, so always be grateful that someone took the time to meet you and gave you a chance.

These are our tips to master the interview process in order to get your dream job. If you're interested in professional opportunities, you can check out our website https://bulwork.net/ and test our tips right now!