Five ways to stand out from other job candidates

Writen by: 
Tsvetelina Kirilova

The position is interesting, the company is intriguing and the social policy is to die for - good job offers contain these specific irresistible elements that every candidate looks for in a job ad. Naturally, the influx for such positions is high and the competition is often fierce. How can you guarantee that you make a good impression during the recruitment process and what does it take to stand out from the crowd? Here are a few tips from us:

1. Stick to a well laid out CV and a stylish but strict and minimalist design. Too colorful CV’s are only a good idea if you are a graphic designer and want your graphic skills to be spotted immediately, so if you’re not - simple design shows professionalism.

2. Be active on platforms that recruiters and companies often use. LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most used recruitment network, so get your profile in a good shape and describe as much up-to-date information about your professional experience as possible.

3. A cover letter isn't always mandatory, but it's definitely very useful for applying for a position. Be creative, original and above all sincere - personalize your text and show your motivation for the job not only in terms of the actual work you can do in the position, but also what attracts you to the company and what you can contribute to its structure in terms of professional and personal qualities.

4. Companies are looking for "their" person, so show that they are "your" employers too. It always makes a good impression to be well informed about the nature of the company, its activities, its products/services, its achievements, etc. Be prepared and demonstrate a desire to work for that particular company.

5. Smile and be friendly! Interviews are often accompanied by anxiety, stress and fear of failure, but all of these things should not stop you on your path to success. Try to relax as much as possible and treat interviews not as an exam but as a collegial conversation on a professional topic - an opportunity not only to demonstrate your own skills but also to share experiences and knowledge.

We are sure that your dream professional opportunity is waiting for you! Follow these steps and you will be able to make it happen. For interesting and challenging roles in the IT sector, message us!