The benefits of applying for a job in the summer

Writen by: 
Nastasya Gaydarska

We usually associate summer with sun, sea, vacations and fun .... but often it turns out to be one of the best times when we can look around at what the market has to offer for our career development.

Summer is a prerequisite for frequent vacations and breaks for managers and employees, so the attitudes of the candidates are that the processes are slow and they ignore this period to look for the next opportunity.

The truth is that although this is a fact, often during the summer period and lower activity, good candidates stand out even more and get noticed, since the demand from specialists is reduced and the competition is less. Companies want to fill their open positions so that in the active months of September and October they can start with full teams and work on new projects.

The summer months are the only ones in which the leading companies in the market give multiple chances to the junior specialists as well, providing internships and offering job positions without looking for any experience.

Be patient, even though it's summer and management teams are out of the office, processes are being completed so they can find their new colleagues.