Writen by: 
Nevena Venkova

The first thing you need to do when you start looking for a job is to make a CV. This may look like a pretty easy job, but it's a tricky one because it's one of the most important steps of the process of finding a job, and it can either get you hired, or rejected. So in order to stand out in a good way, you need to follow the simple rules below:

1. Choose the right template

It doesn't have to be colorful or fancy, it just has to look professional and classy. So stay away from too complex templates, a simple CV is what recruiters want to see from you.

2. Reverse-Chronological Resume is a must!

Yes, order matters. If the first thing a recruiter sees is your experience as a Cashier in 2006 when they open your resume, they will not contact you for the Manager role you applied for. You need to write a Reverse-Chronological Resume, meaning you start with your most recent job first. All other jobs are then listed from most recent to least recent.

3. Check your spelling & grammar

Nobody's perfect, but your CV has to be. That's why you need to check it for errors. There are a lot of free grammar check websites which you can use in order to get an error-free resume.

4. Education and training

If you have a higher degree, but it's not relevant, you should still add it to your resume. There are some companies that require a Bachelor's degree and if you didn't write yours in your CV, you may not get invited to an interview at all.

5. Name, address, and contact details

Always write your contacts in your CV. It's important to give the email you use the most. This way you won't miss recruiters' messages. More importantly, add your phone number because it's easier for HRs to contact you by phone if there's something urgent they want to discuss with you.

These 5 simple rules will help you make the perfect CV. Follow them and get your dream job right now!