Why Bulgaria?

  • Large pool of IT professionals – currently, more than 70 000 employed in the industry, 20 000 employed at  Software Development industry, 74% are aged under 45 years old

  • Bulgaria holds 3rd place in Europe and 10th position globally regarding the absolute number of certified IT professionals (third place worldwide according to certificates per capita - Cisco). 

  • Over 15 Universities offering majors in ICT and 220 schools in different regions in Bulgaria that offer specialized preparation in ICT.

  • 53% of all employees in ICT  sector posses  a Master's degree.

  • 53% of all network specialists have obtained recognized ICT certificates.

  • English is the language offered in addition to ICT training in most of the schools (82%), also schools with German and French language learning programs are widely spread

  • 49,5% of all employed in Bulgaria speak at least one foreign language and 85% of all employees in ICT sector speak at least one foreign language

  • Globally recognized companies like  VMWare, SAP, Flatex (DE GIRO), Progress, Ocado Technology, Software AG have opened  R&D centers in Bulgaria